Ensuring minimum downtime and optimal performance


Full circle solutions

Prior Power Solutions provides a full range of aftermarket services to ensure your equipment has minimum downtime, performs optimally, and lasts.

Repair – Our experienced team carries out all equipment repairs from engine failure to specialist cold end repairs as well as routine maintenance and service of units and components.

Refurbish – We tailor overhauls to your exact needs which can range from component refurbishment such as engines and tanks to entire equipment overhaul providing you with ‘good as new’ equipment.

Recertify – To meet regulations and inspection criteria, equipment may need to be recertified. We take care of all your recertification and inspection needs whilst providing you with comprehensive reports of any additional work required.

Upgrade – Equipment upgrades allow continued use of valuable assets when the nature of requirement changes over time. The options are endless and include reframing, conversions to lorry-mounted or single skid to split skid (or vice versa), converting to zoned from non-zoned, upgrade to Rig Safe, addition of soundproofing, and component upgrades such as triplex and centrifugal pumps.

Parts – Specialising in replacement parts for well service equipment, we source genuine or like-for-like parts as appropriate. We also offer a service-exchange service and can produce parts packages for remote equipment to ensure minimal downtime.

Nitrogen pump refurbish recertify repair upgrade


Combining first class purpose-built facilities with over 25 years of experience, the Cryogenic Service Centre at Prior Power Solutions offers full servicing provision and overhaul for equipment including cold ends, boost pumps, triplex pumps and valves.

Our services range from routine maintenance to complete service exchange components. Bespoke cryogenic pipework is also undertaken to suit individual applications.

Our specialist cryogenic service engineers are available to support customers worldwide from onsite analysis to installation.

New components from a wide range of leading manufacturers are also supplied and shipped globally.

Cryogenic spare parts


Our client’s offshore cement pumping unit was no longer operational or fit for purpose for future exploration projects. Supporting the circular economy and providing them with a cost-effective solution we refurbished and re-engineered the unit.

Cement Pump Case Study Pdf
Cement Pump Refurbishment


Originally constructed on three skid frames, our customer required the unit configured on two skids to reduce future transportation costs.

The unit, originally build in around 1990 required refurbishing to full working order and brought into line with current safety standards.

Given the age of the unit, replacement parts were hard to source and instructions for maintenance were either limited or not available.


Extensive re-engineering was skilfully undertaken by our in-house engineers to facilitate the arrangement of the whole unit on a dual skid, reducing the lifting weight of the overall equipment spread.

A custom fuel tank was designed for the specific space window to eliminate the need for transporting an external fuel tank skid.

Additionally, a new, more efficient radiator was fitted onto main power pack.


  • Transportation costs and associated environmental impact reduced.
  • Life of the unit has been extended saving 30-40% compared with new.
  • By eliminating obsolete parts, including the hydraulic drive system, the unit no longer requires regular replacement associated parts and fluids, therefore reducing waste and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Improved comport, safety and practicality for both operation and maintenance.
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