Reliable power for onshore and offshore applications


Custom-built to meet your needs

We specialise in custom Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) builds, designing and manufacturing to customers’ exact specifications. Flow, pressure and power ranges can all be tailored to customer requirements as well as meeting the following compliance options:

  • Rig Safe
  • Safe Area
  • Zone 1
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • CE-marked

Our hydraulic power units can be packaged as portable, open, enclosed or sound treated (acoustic) and can be designed/manufactured to work in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +5o°C. HPUs can be diesel engine or electric motor driven.

Due to weight restrictions with some applications there can be a need to replace the single skid where all the components are housed within one frame to a split skid type where the prime mover is on one skid and the hydraulic components on another.

We only use the highest quality, reputable hydraulic components such as Parker, Linde and Bosch Rexroth, and as build completes, all units are extensively tested.

Hydraulic Power Units manufactured by Prior Power Solutions can include safety features including: exhaust gas cooling kit, fire suppression system, and fire and gas detection system.

The systems around hydraulics are evolving

Electrical integration is becoming the norm, allowing for greater levels of control and monitoring.

Engines are developing all the time to be more fuel efficient with cleaner technology, however in higher level ATEX environments, these engines cannot be used, which is where electric motor drives come in. Variable frequency drive technology is rapidly advancing to better match the speed and torque capabilities of a diesel engine.

More environmentally friendly fluids, ‘bio-oils’ or water-based hydraulic fluids are becoming imperative. Whilst these have been around for a long time, compatibility of seals and clearances is a design challenge we rise to. However, as the technology of these bio fluids becomes more and more advanced a wider range of components become compatible.



  • Fire suppression system
  • Fire & gas detection systems
  • Electrical integration
  • Bespoke design
  • Field tested

We understand hydraulics

The biggest cause of failure in hydraulics is poor fluid cleanliness. There are multiple points at which hydraulic fluids can become contaminated. Therefore, putting filtration at the forefront of system design as we do, alongside maintaining fluid operating temperatures to reduce degradation (which can accelerate damage to component internals) ensures reliable equipment.


Integrating safety systems is our number one priority.


Our Hydraulic Power Units are designed to run well and last.


Is at the forefront of design to ensure reliability.

340kw Hydraulic Power Unit Hpu

340kW HPU

  • Diesel-driven
  • Split skid
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • Acoustic
  • CE-marked


An HPU for the Antarctic

Prior Power Solutions was commissioned to design and build an HPU for a crane at the Rothera Research Station, the largest British Antarctic research facility. The HPU needed to operate reliably in extreme conditions – namely between -40°C and 30°C.

Our bespoke, self-contained 74kW HPU was designed with reliability and ease of maintenance in mind and supplied with full redundancy spares for routine ongoing maintenance in it’s remote location.

Find out more in our case study below.

Hydraulic Power Unit Pack Hpu Min

Diesel-driven, acoustic 74kW HPU


Our self-contained electric hydraulic power units are designed for optimal running efficiency and are suitable for various hydraulic power applications.

Compact and lightweight, they are certified for use in hazardous areas and equipped with stainless steel hydraulic tanks and hydraulic filtration for optimum fluid cleanliness and long service life.

The paint specification and RAL number can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Take a look at our 40kW Zone 1 HPU datasheet below or contact us for other power and flow pressure requirements.

Electric Hydraulic Power Unit Datasheet
Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

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