We are a leading designer and manufacture of a wide range of equipment including well service equipment


Prior Power Solutions designs and manufactures a wide range of well service equipment.

Specialists for nitrogen units, we also manufacture fluid pumps, coil tubing units, hydraulic power and wireline units for the global oil and gas market for both onshore and offshore applications.

Our 25 years of well service equipment experience in the field of nitrogen (LN2) pumps has enabled us to develop a multi-discipline design and build capability to offer specific tailored services for our clients. Custom open skid, acoustic, split skid and trailer mounted configurations can be designed, built and serviced to exactly meet our customers’ requirements. All of our work meets the required relevant classification and certification standards, including DNV and Bureau Veritas.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand their nitrogen (LN2) pump needs, enabling precise specification, efficient build process and on-time, on-budget, delivery of quality equipment.

All products are designed and manufactured to a high standard and can be certified for areas requiring ATEX Zone I & II Hazardous Area, NORSOK, Safe Area and CE compliance. Our customers are kept up-to-date with build progress reports throughout the manufacturing process and rigorous quality control inspections take place at every stage of the build.

We service, repair, overhaul, upgrade and maintain our customers’ equipment returned from field operations.

Maintaining well service equipment can be a cost-effective solution to extend the life cycle of critical oilfield equipment with minimal downtime, giving clients the confidence that equipment will perform correctly and safely when it is required.

Our team of expert engineers provide a broad range of services specifically developed to ensure our well service equipment provides best value and high performance of field equipment.


Prior Power Solutions is a world leading manufacturer of nitrogen pump units – an important piece of well service equipment.

Nitrogen pumps, also known as LN2 pumps are used to suppress various gases, liquids or other dangerous elements whenever a risk assessment dictates.

We recognised that there was a market for quality bespoke units to suit different customer requirements and therefore our nitrogen converters are supplied in many different formats and certified to suit all locations around the world. Our units are built to a high standard with ease of ongoing maintenance in mind and backed by our aftersales support.

Our LN2 pumps use engine power and recovered engine heat to vaporize and pump liquid nitrogen from a liquid nitrogen tank. These units are capable of pumping 60,000 to 540,000 SCFH of gaseous nitrogen with pressures up to 15,000 PSI and at discharge temperatures of 70°F.

The liquid nitrogen is taken from the nitrogen storage/transport tank by a centrifugal boost pump to a high-pressure LN2 triplex pump. High-pressure liquid nitrogen then passes through the unique vaporization system to convert the high-pressure liquid to high-pressure gaseous nitrogen.

We offer all aspects of maintenance and repairs to nitrogen units supplied by a variety of manufacturers, from cryogenic overhauls carried out in our state-of-the art onsite cryogenic service centre, to analysis and repairs carried out in the field.

Our in-house service and repairs facilities range from unit recertification, to complete overhaul/modification to bring a unit up to the latest specifications.


Prior Power Solutions manufactures offshore Zone 2 and Safe Area hydraulic power packs that are capable of operating the snubbing system and auxiliary components.

The units can be built to meet all recognised regulations in the field such as NORSOK, ATEX, PED and the Machinery Safety Directive and the structural design is reviewed by DNV to 2.7-1 and EN12079.

The primary components of an HPU are: a diesel engine over centre clutch assembly, radiator and oil cooler assembly, pyroban exhaust gas cooling kit, air receiver, control panel, fire suppression system and fire and gas detection system.

The engine drives an over centre clutch assembly which in turn drives the hydraulic pumps via a prop shaft connection.

Due to weight restrictions on some platforms there can be a need to replace the single skid where all the components are housed within one frame to a split skid type where the prime mover is on one skid and the hydraulic components on another.


Fluid pumps are self-contained units capable of pumping various fluids at different pressures when connected to a suitable holding tank and are used extensively in the offshore oil and gas sector.

Prior Power Solutions’ fluid pumps are often used in the well service and testing environment as well as having frequent subsea and topside commissioning applications.

The primary components are a diesel engine which drives an Allison transmission which in turn drives a triplex pump. The transmission also drives two PTO assemblies which drives the hydraulic pumps.

The units are also equipped with fuel tanks, a hydraulic tank, heat exchangers, hydraulic hoses, high pressure pipework and a control panel.

All components are housed within a removable or fixed lifting frame.


In the oil and gas industry, coiled tubing refers to a long metal pipe which is supplied spooled on a large reel. It is used for interventions in oil and gas wells and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells.

The main benefits of coiled tubing over wireline are the ability to pump chemicals through the coil and the ability to push the tubing into the hole rather than relying on gravity. Pumping can be fairly self-contained, almost a closed system, since the tube is continuous instead of a jointed pipe.

For offshore operations, the ‘footprint’ for a coiled tubing operation is generally larger than a wireline spread, which can limit the number of installations where coiled tubing can be performed. A coiled tubing operation is normally performed through the drilling derrick on the oil platform, which is used to support the surface equipment, although on platforms with no drilling facilities a self-supporting tower can be used instead. For coiled tubing operations on sub-sea wells a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) for example semi-submersible or drillship has to be utilised to support all the surface equipment and personnel, whereas wireline can be carried out from a smaller and cheaper intervention vessel.

Onshore, they can be run using smaller service rigs, and for light operations a mobile self-contained coiled tubing rig can be used.

Coiled tubing has also been used as a cheaper version of work-over operations. It is used to perform open hole drilling and milling operations. It can also be used to fracture the reservoir, a process where fluid is pressurised to thousands of psi on a specific point in a well to break the rock apart and allow the flow of product. Coil tubing can perform almost any operation for oil well operations if used correctly.


Using our years of expertise, we have developed a new phase of Zone II wireline units.

Prior Power Solutions’ innovative wireline unit design has taken onboard the needs of the operator in terms of ease of preparation and maintenance. For example, the drive engine of the JCB Zone II PP1154 has been mounted longitudinal, therefore improving the access to both sides of the prime mover.

Consideration has also been given to minimise noise effecting the operational cabin with a series of internal baffle sections within the engine compartment, with final termination at the extreme rear of the unit.

The main wire drums can be arranged as two 700mm diameter units or alternatively as one 600mm diameter and one 700mm diameter, depending on client’s specific requirements.  For ease of removal, the drums can be removed through the roof access panel unhindered.


Combining first class purpose-built facilities with over 25 years of experience, the Cryogenic Service Centre at Prior Power Solutions offers full servicing provision and overhaul for equipment including cold ends, boost pumps, triplex pumps and valves.

Our services range from routine maintenance to complete service exchange components. Bespoke cryogenic pipework is also offered and manufactured to suit individual applications.

Our specialist cryogenic service engineers are available to support customers worldwide from onsite analysis to installation. New components from a wide range of leading manufacturers are also supplied and can be shipped to global destinations.

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