A hydrogen injection diesel engine system that reduces carbon emissions


Lower emissions, more power, less fuel

The self-contained hydrogen injection diesel engine system introduces hydrogen, produced on demand from pure deionised water into diesel engines, reducing the emissions of internal combustion engines.

Independent testing has shown the addition of hydrogen provides a cleaner burn and reduces harmful emissions by up to 80%.

The technology includes sophisticated electronics which are demand responsive to hydrogen flow to optimise engine performance.

Reducing fuel consumption by up to 14%, the hydrogen injection diesel engine system delivers an excellent return on investment with proven performance and reliability in multiple applications and environments, including sub-zero temperatures.

Using deionised water only, the system starts and operates only when the engine is running.

For lower emissions, more power from less fuel, contact us today to see how the hydrogen injection diesel engine system can save you money and the environment.

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Extensive research has demonstrated a fuel usage saving of 8-14% on diesel engines fitted with a Hydrogen Diesel Introduction System together with increased engine power output.

As hydrogen gives a clean burn, carbon deposits and soot production is reduced keeping engine components cleaner. This can reduce costs and downtime by extending engine service intervals. Analysis of engines oil samples from trucks using the Hydrogen/Diesel Introduction System showed 65% less soot (carbon).

All in all, the Hydrogen/Diesel Introduction System provides a fast return on investment (ROI).

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Hydrogen has the environmental advantage of being a completely clean burning fuel with no harmful emissions.

The system has been proven through independent testing to reduce engine emissions; 80% less diesel particulate matter, 22 % less Nitrous Oxides, 25% less carbon monoxide and 8% less carbon dioxide.

An ECS with proprietary control methods and algorithms to allow the control and setting of operating parameters of a fuel conserving and emissions reduction system.

As the engine life is extended, the need for replacement parts and fluids is decreased which carries an additional environmental saving.

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The Hydrogen/Diesel Injection System is unique due to a total absence of chemicals, low power requirement, interface capability with the host engine’s ECU and deionised water being the only consumable.

It is a low maintenance, reliable and long-term solution to carbon emissions whilst also extending the operational time of existing diesel engines.

Hydrogen is an excellent fuel source and has nearly three times the energy content of diesel – 120 MJ/kg for hydrogen compared with 44 MJ/kg for diesel.



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Hydrogen Injection Diesel Engine


We are developing hydrogen fuel cell technology, with Manchester Metropolitan University and the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre (MFCIC).

A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen from the air into electricity through a pair of redox reactions. Fuel cells differ from most batteries in that a continuous source of fuel (hydrogen) and oxygen to maintain the chemical reaction.

Hydrogen has the environmental advantage of being a completely clean burning fuel. When in use, hydrogen fuel cells only emit water vapour and warm air.

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