Hydrogen interest from Agri sector

There was considerable interest in hydrogen power technologies at the agricultural machinery show, LAMMA last week.

Back exhibiting at the show having been postponed for two years, Prior Power Solutions promoted its engine and equipment repair and maintenance services, parts and engine sales and alternative power solutions including the Hydrogen-Diesel Introduction System.

Representing the company at the show, Business Development Manager for Alternative Power, Paul Dekker Kleyn says, “It was encouraging to receive so much interest in our hydrogen dual fuel solution.”

Agriculture, like all industries, it is not without environmental cost and can be heavily reliant on diesel-generated power which is becoming increasingly costly. Prior Power Solutions has launched a new product which can cut the cost of diesel, and emissions, utilising hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen combustion engines and fuel cell technology are still in infancy and not yet cost effective commercially. However, the Hydrogen-Diesel Introduction System, whilst not omitting diesel completely, provides a very cost effective and realistic option in the interim for mitigating carbon emissions – and diesel consumption providing a quick return on investment.

Diesel engines and generators are vital to all industries. They simply cannot be matched for performance, reliability, or portability – nor are likely to be in the short to medium term. And they are everywhere. Agriculture is no different.

Whether that be for planting or tending crops (watering, fertilisers, pesticides), harvesting, or bringing the crop to market, diesel powers the entire farm supply chain.

Diesel dependence is not confined to arable farming with pastoral farming often requires back up generators or power for remote operations.

There are global and national drivers for the development of technology that will reduce environmental impact of agriculture, with climate change and, more recently, energy prices, shaping the future of economical and sustainable operations, says Paul.

With over four decades under its belt repairing and maintaining diesel engines including those used in agricultural equipment and machinery, Prior Power Solutions is supporting carbon-neutral agriculture through a simple, cost-effective retrofittable unit suitable for a wide range of diesel engines and generators.

Substantially lowering greenhouse gases, the Hydrogen-Diesel Introduction System effectively converts a standard combustion engine into a dual fuel engine. It is a stand-alone system that produces hydrogen gas from water by electrolysis, which is injected directly into the engine, reducing diesel consumption by up to 14%.

Independent testing has proven up to 80% less diesel particulate matter, 22% less nitrous oxides, 25% less carbon monoxide and 8% less carbon dioxide.

Producing hydrogen on demand from deionised water, no hydrogen is stored, and no other chemicals or acids are used in the process.

Although diesel technology will remain essential in agriculture for many years to come, emissions from necessary diesel-powered operations can be reduced for every application in the process, cutting fuel costs too.

The company is now planning its next exhibition at Hillhead, Buxton in June.

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