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Prior Power Solutions supplies genuine Cummins spares and parts.

Founded in 1919 in Indiana, USA, Cummins designs and manufactures state of the art diesel and natural gas powered engines, is a global provider of high-speed, high horsepower engines and power generation equipment, including standby and prime power generator sets, alternators, switchgear and other components.

Its engines, power generation systems, components and services and alternative-fuel electrical generators are using in commercial industrial, mining, marine, telecom and healthcare applications among others.

Clean, efficient, dependable and durable, Cummins engines are found in nearly every type of vehicle and equipment on Earth – from forklifts and diggers to well service and agriculture equipment. You’ll also find Cummins engines wherever there is water with a broad spectrum of leisure and commercial marine propulsion and auxiliary engines.

Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts are made to our exact specifications and guaranteed to fit right and function right. They importantly include the latest upgrades in design, material and manufacturing technology and are backed by Cummins with 100% coverage on arts, labour and progressive damage.

Whether you are in the market to purchase a new piece of Cummins-powered equipment or need assistance with an existing Cummins engine, generator or component, as an official local dealer for Cummins we can supply you with genuine Cummins spares and parts are eager to help and nothing works better or lasts longer than a genuine Cummins part.

Contact us today for your genuine Cummins spares and parts requirements or take a look at our engine sales section.

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