Prior Power Solutions supplies genuine DEUTZ spares and parts.

DEUTZ, is an independent provider of diesel, gas and electric drivetrains up to 620kW, continually developing technologies today for the demands of tomorrow.

Advanced technologies, extensive experience and a broad product portfolio make DEUTZ engines ideal for use in many areas including construction and agricultural machinery, material handling, stationary plants as well as commercial, rail and special vehicles.

Originally founded in Germany in 1864, DEUTZ is now the world’s oldest engine company, yet in a world characterised by increasing emphasis on emissions and sustainability, DEUTZ is pioneering the way in high-quality, environmentally friendly and efficient drives in off-highway applications. As such, DEUTZ is developing a range of alternative fuel, gas, electric, hybrid and hydrogen engines.

To ensure that your engine exceeds expectations throughout its entire lifetime, you should rely exclusively on genuine DEUTZ parts.

Genuine DEUTZ spare parts are the key to preserve the reliability and durability of your DEUTZ engine and provide optimum protection against wear and engine damage.

As an official dealer for DEUTZ our knowledgeable team can support you with genuine DEUTZ spares and parts – everything from turbochargers and alternators to crankshafts and cylinder heads and everything in between.

Be assured that when you buy from us, your genuine DEUTZ spare or part will have been designed and tested specifically for your DEUTZ engine to provide you with maximum performance and long engine life.

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