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Prior Power Solutions supplies genuine Scania spares and parts.

Scania provides power systems to machines in a vast array of equipment the world is dependent on. From construction and material handling to agriculture and power generation and transport to fishing, Scania’s high-quality power systems ensure that machines can do what they do and do it well.

From propelling leisure vessels to pushing heavy barges upstream and managing heavy-duty auxiliary applications, Scania´s power systems can be found in marine operations around the globe. Providing immediate response, impressive power-to-weight and fuel efficiency, Scania instils the feeling of absolute trust and reliability to everything from patrol and fishing boats to passenger ferries and cargo ships.

With cutting-edge engineering, a century of experience and continuous improvement, Scania focuses on reliability, efficiency and minimised environmental impact for its products.

Prior Power Solutions sells genuine Scania spares and parts for all industrial power systems, power generation systems and marine power systems.

Scania power systems are widely regarded to be among the most efficient on the market. Their engines ensure dependability, durability, and robustness with a modular design allowing for excellent parts availability.

Beyond meeting the strictest emissions standards, Scania is dedicated to lowering carbon emissions by providing energy efficient power systems as well as real-time emissions data that form a base for further savings. Their portfolio of engines includes a range operating on alternative fuels.

Please also refer to our engine sales section for Scania engines.

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